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What makes OPUS Homes so different than all the other builders?


+ What makes OPUS Homes so different than all the other builders?
+ Do I require a mortgage preapproval to purchase a home ?
+ Why are the sales personnel unwilling to accept my offer ?
+ Will my home look identical to the brochure images ?
+ Once signed, can I be released from the agreement ?
+ When do I choose my interior finishes?
+ What should I bring to my Décor appointment ?
+ Will I have to go to numerous places to make my décor selections?
+ What other costs can I expect over and above the purchase price ?
+ May I visit my home during construction ?
+ Can we make changes to the house?
+ What is the process in selecting bricks for my home ?
+ How do I know what my possession date will be?
+ Why is there nothing happening at my house on certain days?
+ Can I make changes to my home after I sign off on the drawing ?
+ Do you allow smoking in my home during construction?
+ What should I do if I see an error or omission in my home during construction?
+ Can we schedule our customer meetings after 5:00pm or on weekends?
+ Can I move items into the garage before I take possession of my home?
+ Can I pay sub-trades or suppliers directly if I want something changed during construction?
+ Am I allowed to get my window covering supplier to install window coverings in my home before I take possession?
+ Why is there a difference in the stain color on my hardwood and stained staircase?
+ What if I want to change my closing day?
+ The color of my tiles looks a little different than the Decor Studio samples ?
+ Will I receive my garage man door ?
+ What can I expect from your warranty policy?
+ What happens on closing day?
+ When can I install my fence ?
+ When does seasonal work get completed ?



Monday, March 25, 2019

Characterised as the centrepiece of your home, your staircase should be a visually beautiful and elegant structure. This year, staircase trends include pronounced metals, dark rails, glass rails, wood and even concrete. In the modern home, you will see floating staircases and open riser designs. Our Décor Studio Manager and resident colour expert Kimberly Bianchi …

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

I always enjoy attending Toronto’s Interior Design Show at the start of every new year.  It’s a good opportunity to touch base with our vendors, seek innovative products and determine the trends.  Below, find a few trends that stood out. Trend 1: Patterned Tiles Consider installing …

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OPUS Homes Is Helping To Raise Awareness Of Conservation Issues With Students

Thursday, January 17, 2019

We’re midway through the 2018/19 school year and the consensus so far from teachers is that this year’s Earth Rangers™ school assembly program is one of the best ever. At the end of 2018 OPUS was proud to support two local schools servicing the Aurora Trails community, in delivering the Earth Rangers program to these students. …

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